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Design Process

Let me explain a few things!

When talking about 'fixed' web pages, they have a width that will NOT get altered when the browser window is resized no matter what device the site is being surfed on. When it comes to smaller devices like smartphones and tablets the content is difficult to view and could be troublesome for the user as they will need to scroll side to side to be able to read text. When the browser on a desktop is reduced or enlarged, the images plus text might visually fall apart.

While resizing a browser, the content will spread itself out in width accordingly; this is known as the fluid design technique! The columns with the content on webpage are built in terms of percentages, and unlike the fixed design, these columns can be well-adjusted on their own according to the device the website is being viewed on.

In this type of approach website viewing is easy on any and all devices. You should be able to read and navigate the website with no hassles! This type of design will avoid having to constantly resize the browser to see the content. This also means that your website can be easily viewed on desktop, laptop, tablet, and best of all......smartphones! Website designers do not need to make multiple versions of a website for each device which in turn, saves the cient $$. This website is based on the Fluid / Responsive Design technique, and is most desired.

3 Types of Web Designs in 2018

Is your current website attracting or scaring away visitors? When was the last time you did a web design change? Not only do you get SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, but also more conversions. Try to navigate your website and test the continuity....find the bottlenecks. To the let are the 3 major design trends for this year, and I'll help you to understand each.
Mobile-Friendly Websites
Due to the constant increase of users accessing the web through mobile devices, having a mobile friendly website is a must. If your goal is to build a strong online presence for your business, it’s essential to include a mobile strategy in your digital marketing plan.
Creating a website that is mobile friendly will improve your search engine rankings, appeal to a larger demographic, and generate more visits.
      Why your website MUST be mobile ready by 2017

The Important Stuff!!

Here is a look at my website design process. This strict process is crucial to creating a fabulous website, one that you can be proud of. 

After receiving a Quote we will get in contact with you. We start to gather information about your business goals so we can understand your company.  We will also inquire about the purpose of the site, whether you would like to sell your products online, build an informational site and learn more about your target audience

After gathering of information we go to the phase of planning of your web strategy.  We put together a map of your site and suggest our solutions. However, this step involves the Client's input

With information and site map in hand, we can start to design your website. We define the look and feel, style or your website. The most important element is a target audience, we follow these directions when we draft one or more prototypes. This way you can choose a prototype and suggest in which direction you would like to go.

This phase involves the coding and development of all other applications for the website depending on the type of site you have chosen.  (eCommerce, brochure site, informational site, HTML or flash based site, etc.

This phase involves the delivery of finished product-website. This is the final touch and it also includes the testing of the website. Probing the functionality, optimization and code validation. Once you approve the final product, then the website and it's file structure can be uploaded to it's server and launched for the whole wide world to see!.

Minimalistic Web Design: Less is Still More
Navigation is an integral part of web design. It may sound cliché, but how you approach navigation can make or break a site. Site visitors want a simplistic and visually explanatory web design that can help them quickly find what they are looking for.
Another thing to keep in mind is that websites tend to collect a lot of content over time. Cluttered websites with complicated navigation are not just outdated, they can severely harm an online business. The easier it is for people to use and navigate a site, the longer they are likely to stay.
Navigation should be intuitive, even for complete Internet novices. Instead of hamburger menus, it is smart to opt for long scrolling websites. Scrolling is much easier than clicking on numerous tabs and having to remember where a specific piece of content is located. The main focus of a minimalist design is to keep menus to a minimum by hiding features. This makes it easier for users to focus on one thing at a time.
Some websites use cards for organizing content too. Cards are entry points which provide concise information and pique readers’ interest. Observe them as a doorway to more information. This is a great advantage for websites, as they can now have diverse content while saving space.
Breaking up long pages with images or videos can add some dynamic to the overall user experience. You can also use typography to keep visitors’ attention – the new trend in website design is bigger and bolder typography.


Website design

I provide in-house services to handle all regular aspects of building a website, from initial design and logo development to content management applications for sites of all sizes ranging from single pages, blogs and small business sites to full scale corporate websites

Web Hosting

We offer a full range of hosting and domain services including domain registration, shared or dedicated hosting and email facilities.

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Blogs and Social Media

It is becoming increasingly common for websites to reach out beyond static pages and information with many business owners authoring their own blogs and cross promoting via Facebook and Twitter.
If you are looking for a full branding across all social media networks, we can manage the whole process.

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