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Our Website Designs are based on Bootstrap 4 - the most powerful mobile first framework to date!

Bootstrap 4 has been noted to be...

Bootstrap 4 has been noted to be one of the most reliable and proven Design frameworks and Suncoast Website Design is equipped to develop websites using this very responsive user friendly framework.
Why your website should be Mobile Ready by 2017

One of Bootstrap 4's big points...

One of Bootstrap 4's big points is responsiveness, and Suncoast Website Design makes effective use of this by generating a highly responsive, mobile ready website for you.

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts...

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform and Suncoast Website Design makes use of them on your website easily and freely.

Minimalistic Web Design: Less is Still More
Navigation is an integral part of web design. It may sound cliché, but how you approach navigation can make or break a site. Site visitors want a simplistic and visually explanatory web design that can help them quickly find what they are looking for.
Another thing to keep in mind is that websites tend to collect a lot of content over time. Cluttered websites with complicated navigation are not just outdated, they can severely harm an online business. The easier it is for people to use and navigate a site, the longer they are likely to stay.
Navigation should be intuitive, even for complete Internet novices. Instead of hamburger menus, it is smart to opt for long scrolling websites. Scrolling is much easier than clicking on numerous tabs and having to remember where a specific piece of content is located. The main focus of a minimalist design is to keep menus to a minimum by hiding features. This makes it easier for users to focus on one thing at a time.
Some websites use cards for organizing content too. Cards are entry points which provide concise information and pique readers’ interest. Observe them as a doorway to more information. This is a great advantage for websites, as they can now have diverse content while saving space.
Breaking up long pages with images or videos can add some dynamic to the overall user experience. You can also use typography to keep visitors’ attention – the new trend in website design is bigger and bolder typography.

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